On April 16, 2016, the American University School of Pubic Affairs Graduate Student Council held their Spring Giving Gala at the Touchstone Gallery in downtown Washington, D.C. The gala was held to benefit the Kevin Joseph Sutherland Scholarship Fund at AU.

Kevin Sutherland was a 2013 graduate of the AU School of Public Affairs where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies: Communications, Law, Economics, and Government; with a Minor in Communications.

Kevin was known for his love of politics and policy. He was a two-term Secretary of the AU Student Government, an advocate for liberal causes, a rising star in political strategy, and a kind and passionate friend and mentor to many. He was also an incredibly talented photographer.

Kevin’s legacy will live on through his family, friends, and colleagues and through his stunning photography – especially photographs that captured the beauty of the adopted city he loved – our nation’s capital.

Kevin lost his life tragically and senselessly on the D.C. Metro on July 4th, 2015. While he is no longer with us, his passion for life and his desire to make this a better world will never be forgotten.